Hello everyone! As you all know Mike and I may have done things a little backward.... we invested money in a home first and are using the leftover funds for the wedding (as opposed to vice versa). We absolutely love our new home and are settling in nicely. 

In lieu of traditional gifts, we find ourselves hoping you will help us invest in our home. We both love love outdoor living and are hoping to put together a nice patio/outdoor space for entertaining and enjoying. Our home is new construction so we have a blank slate! A very blank slate... as I am typing this I am looking out at dirt (see photo, our porch is so bare and sad!). I can't wait to make it beautiful and welcoming and would appreciate your help doing so.

A basic landscape package is included and our builder will be back in coming weeks to hydroseed and place 10 plants. Yes, exactly 10. We are hoping for a little more, maybe some pavers, trees, bushes, hostas, hydrangeas, tulips, roses, daffodils, etc. I love cut flowers and you all know Mike loves to BBQ. So, save your money on that baking dish and send us permanent contribution to our new home. It will be forever in our yard and make us think of you. 

We are very much looking forward to celebrating with you at our wedding in August! 

Thank you! 

Christie and Mike

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